Becoming a student often means, that one often has to move to another city, where everything is new and unknown.

This basic assumption was the starting point when working with a case in an innovation course at University of Aarhus. Working with a design thinking approach to entrepreneurship, my study group and I carried out analyses and qualitative investigations which eventually led to the creation of a broad formulated concept, aiming to make a platform where students could find everything related to improving student life in our city. Unfortunately I was too fed up with my bachelor thesis and planning of my exchange programme in France, to carry out the idea. But I never let go of it.

5 months later I met with the co-founder of something very similar to my idea. Long story short: It was a match. We both wanted almost the same thing with our concepts, and we decided to team up. The following month we set up a range of meetings, and soon a re-launch of DiscoverCity with a new platform was to be carried out. Thus I became partner and head of design in our little startup, which counted 6 team members. We then re-thought, sketched, prioritized, wireframed and mock-up’ed the entire concept over again. In august 2014 the result was

Like all parents I’m proud of what I learned, but also the achievements of my little baby. Theses are some of DiscoverCity’s achievements in the period I was part of the team:

  • Winner of the National City Branding Competition 2012.
  • Winner of the Venture Cup Booster pack. Venture Cup is an annual danish startup competition with the competitions “idea” and “startup”, where DiscoverCity participated in the latter.
  • Official cooperation with the University of Aarhus.
  • Official cooperation with the Municipality of Aarhus.
  • Among 8 finalists of the YouNoodle 1k program, where we pitched for VC guru Tim Draper on december 9, 2014. YouNoodle 1k choses the 1000 most promising startups out of 28.000 worldwide. These thousand are evaluated and cut down to 8 for the final. Yep… Among 8 out of 28.000. We’re a little proud of that.

But, all good things also have an end. In the summer of 2015, I left the startup and focused on other projects.