In the fall of 2013, I did my bachelor thesis in information studies at University of Aarhus. The case i investigated was the digitatal strategy of the upcoming danish festival, NorthSide Festival.

In my study I investigated how the digital strategy of NorthSide Festival matched their priorities and goals Through qualitative research methods i gathered an empirical foundation, in order to investigate which methods and services NorthSide benefit from to stay up to date. Furthermore i discussed how their actions and initiatives could empower their brand through emerging social media platforms such as Vine, Pinterest and SnapChat.

After handing in the study, I was contacted by head of communication, marketing & volunteers, Anne Jensen, who invited me to join the online team for NorthSide 2014. I accepted, which meant that I was part of the online team before- and during the festival in June 2014. My tasks were to contribute in working out vision and strategy for the use of different social media, and creating campaigns. Furthermore i managed different online channels during the actual festival along with the rest of the team.