From October 2014 to december 2015, I worked as a UX assistant at the danish tele company Hi3G. My primary job was to assist the online team in various tasks, combining my knowledge and insights in UX design with an understanding of the business visions, goals and KPI’s.

From October 14′ to March 15′ I used exactly those skills, when I worked on a new design for the entire (the company website). My primary tasks were focused on the customer service sites (, where I was to assist in rethinking the IA, mould and organize the content and presentation hereof. Meanwhile, I was in an ongoing dialogue with my team leader regarding the overall design strategy for the site, which the self-service sites had to match. Further, I was project manager on smaller projects and designs of selected sites.

If you with to hear more about my job at Hi3G, don’t hesitate to contact me, or any of my former co-workers: MeaSøren or Morten.