In the fall of 2014, I did the course “Design for Digital Communication Platforms” at the IT University of Copenhagen. The aim of this course was, as the name indicates, to create a digital design that solved a communication challenge. Through various qualitative research methods and brainstorming methods my study group arrived at a concept called “Projektbanken” (En: The Project Bank).

We discovered the need for a platform, through which students and companies could cooperate for mutual benefit. Our thesis was build around the following assumptions:

Students are motived for, and really wish to, work with 'real-life cases', when working with a study-related project. Companies, on the other hand, could benefit from free labour and new insights as well as learnings produced by these students. At the moment, there's no platform which facilitates a connection between the two parts, regarding the cooperation on such student projects.

Thus the aim of our concept is to solve a communication challenge happening in the relationship between students and companies, regarding a possible cooperation between the two. This we have done through a minimalistic website made with a user-centered design approach. With our platform we sought to visualize, in an engaging way, the matching of the stakeholders mutual expectations, in order for them to empower each other.

This link contains a .zip file with a .pdf of our report, and also all the files of our front end prototype of the website (all in english). Attached here is also a few screendumps of the main pages on the site (in danish).