During the one-day festival Mejlgade For Mangfoldighed 2013, I was part of the steering comitee and co-responsible for the backstage area. This included ideation, arranging, organizing and planning variable services for the musicians/VIP’s. Also, it included facilitating areas, special bonuses and meals for all the volunteers who worked at the festival. In total this number was around 500 people.

I did the job on a volunteer basis. So did everyboy else in the steering committee, meaning that this is the concept of the festival. You have to want to be a part of it. This meant a big individual responsibility and also the facing of quite a lot of unexpected challenges. Further this meant working together in all aspects, which i deeply enjoyed.

The festival hosted around 60 musicians, various events and social happenings, and lasted 12 hours. Approximately 30.000 people visited during the day.