Anyone who hasn’t heard of LEGO? No? Cool, didn’t think so – no need to introduce the danish toy giant then!

Spring 2015. I had that itchy feel to yet again do something with my design skills. Test myself. The higher powers sent me an opening: A friend of mine encouraged me to apply for an IT Summer Camp with LEGO. I have always admired LEGO, was in the process of specializing playful interaction design on top of that itchy feel. It was a great match, an interesting opportunity and why the heck not, really? So i applied.

During a festive part of Roskilde Festival 2015 (one of the best in the festival landscape, btw) I got an intersting call. Hence, I was fortunate enough to receive a call about being elected to participate in the yearly IT Summer Camp at LEGO. I was to be part of the UI/UX team – hurray for me!

In total, 4 teams with different professional background and tasks (e.g. software development, system architecture, design etc.) spent a week together in Billund, working on a disclosed internal LEGO project, and also learning about the company itself. The culmination was a presentation of a new interface for one of LEGO’s products, which was performed for a range of managers and staff of the department, with which we worked.

Participation certificate (PDF)