DANSIC is a platform for social innovation that aims to inspire for better solutions to societal challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship to create a social-, economic- and environmentally sustainable society.

As director of the “innovation design” crew, my tasks were dualistic: On one hand my job was to lead my crew in relation to the rest of the organization and by making sure we were on accord internally in terms of strategy, tasks and satisfaction with the job. One the other hand, I used my design skills to apply design thinking and -methods in designing and planning the overall innovation process of IMPACT and workhops at PLAYGROUND. The former was a 3-days innovation course, where DANSIC facilitated daylong workshops for 30 students, who received knowledge, tools and inspiration to create solutions to this years challenge (see hereunder). PLAYGROUND was the culmination of the DANSIC year, where an all-day event for 300+ participants and 70+ professionals with workshops, talks, shows, displays, art etc. For more and prospective info, I suggest visiting DANSIC’s website and/or follow the Facebook page.

Every year, DANSIC choose a theme within the field of social innovation. For DANSIC17, the choice was to focus on creating a movement under the name of “Rethink Ressources”, where the goal was to explore how we can be more sustainable in our use of ressources, initially rooted in existing communities. The vision was to inspire and create awareness not only on products and services, but also to create more sustainably thinking individuals, which would create a ripple effect. For an overview of the achievements, check out the yearly report, which can be found here – or you could always ask me. I am always happy to discuss the amazing initiative, DANSIC manifests.