My thesis project was a design-project focused on investigating how we can apply playful design elements to spatial installations in exhibition contexts targeted towards children and teenagers. Specifically, the projects is founded in an upcoming exhibition on sexuality by two big museums in Denmark.

With a research-through-design methodology, I was experimenting with potentials of creating spatial surroundings around the theme of sexuality, by regarding space, objects and interactions through a lens of play. This means, that I view and analyse the activities designed for – and facilitated through the concrete design of artefacts – as play. My thesis was that designing for play and playful activities would create a highly interesting and beneficial space for pleasurable experiences and learning on sexuality, in a context where the the means of procurement are usually more traditional and one-way focused.

The thesis was handed in defended in April with the resulting grade of 12 (A).

If you are interested in hearing more and/or have any questions, please feel free to contact me on the matter (see bottom of about me-page) or simply download the whole damn thing: Master’s thesis – The Capacity of Play Design